FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR has new date in 2021

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR – Exhibition and Conference on Composites, Polyurethane and Thermoplastic Composites was postponed from September 2020 to August 2021. Thus, the event will be held from 10th to 12th August 2021 at São Paulo Expo (São Paulo, SP - Brazil).

However, with the aim of showing the new market guidelines, an online event week, from 19th to 22th October 2020, will address new technologies and market data concerning to the main composites, polyurethane and thermoplastic composites consumer industries.

In the next days, we will show details about the new schedules (trade show in 2021 and online event week in 2020).

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